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I am a Certified and Accredited Professional Coach.

Has you business become your mistress?

Are your spouse and children complaining that " Daddy is never home"

Are YOU missing out on the moments that matter most to you family?

Is your business working for you or are you working for your business?

Have you forgotten the vision you had for your business?

Are you feeling lost and frustrated on not knowing what the next steps are ?

You will be fully supported in finding direction, clarity and peace of mind in YOUR acceptance and follow through of YOUR choices; so that YOU can confidently move forward in life and business. 


Only you know what is best for you and no matter what obstacles get in your way, you can come through on the other side, stronger and more empowered than ever. 

 Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with safe space to explore all the  possibilities and find clarity and peace of mind in the direction you choose to follow.  


Take a look around and see how I can best serve you TODAY!

 I show dads how to be present with their families as they achieve their business/career goals (GUILT FREE!)


 YOU will be supported towards the ownership of your decision and help you to gain the clarity and peace of mind to move forward confidently.


 YOU will be able to gain clarity with the direction you wish to go & the steps to get there. Inspiring you into the next level of personal excellence.

Whether YOU simply want take your business to the next level or even just get clarity on what the next step is for your business, I've helped hundreds of people over my several careers get truly clear on what they want and have walked them through the steps to get there with confidence, clarity, peace of mind and sense empowerment.

Ignite Your Inner Potential's


Your Clarity

Do you feel stuck because there is not enough clarity for you

 Your Peace of Mind

Do you tend to second guess every decision you make?

 Your Direction

Do you feel like you are being pulled  pulled you in different directions ?

 Your Confidence

Have rejections left you  with a lack of confidence and questioning if you can continue to move forward

When all of these four pillars are ignited, YOU will start to move forward  feeling more



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"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

— Walt Disney


Certified & Accredited Professional  Coach

From tackling business decisions  to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on

the path of success.


As a Certified Coach, I will help YOU to get a clearer picture of where you are and where you want to go.

I will empower you to move forward in that direction with confidence and peace of mind.   

I’m fuelled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure that you are

fully satisfied with my work.

What People are saying

"It really helped to have someone in my corner, who believed as much as I did in what I what I was trying to accomplish. She was present, accessible, genuine, and offered some really interesting and different advice about strategies and solutions, many of which I have put in place and have seen returns on.


I went from being three months away from bankruptcy to planning an expansion in the course of about half a year." - 


Alexandra May

Calgary, Alberta - Owner of Rhyme and Reason - Early Learning

"Before I started working with Madhura, I had difficulty planning out how to complete a large volume of difficult tasks, and staying motivated to complete them. Indeed, I found the whole process stressful and anxiety causing.

Now, since working with her, I have developed new skills that have increased my emotional IQ and confidence, thereby allowing me to identify issues and problem-solve in real time so that I can stay focused and motivated to complete my tasks with less angst."


Boston, Mass


"It was so nice to have the sessions with Madhura and build my confidence back up again.  She made me see things I never would have thought of and gave me great exercises that I could apply directly to my business. I enjoyed being able to tell someone how I was feeling and have someone actually appreciate that being a full time entrepreneur WAS a reality that was completely possible and not just a pipe dream" 


Cindy Sanche - Master Chocolatier & Owner of Choc'o wrap

Edmonton, Alberta


Whether you are local to Calgary and want to meet in person or live in a different part of the world I am able to service your coaching needs through video conferencing 

(Zoom, Skype & Webex) and Face to Face meetings.



Calgary, AB, Canada

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