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Individual Coaching

Alexandra Larouche

"The coaching I received from Madhura was so simple yet so deep and eye opening.


Before I felt very overwhelmed and stressed about everything I want to achieve that it started taking a toll on my health.


The coaching with Madhura came at a perfect time in my life, she really helped me break down all of my goals into smaller daily tasks. I say the coaching was so simple because everything from talking together to problem solving and planning my weeks/days came so easily after talking to Madhura.


This got a huge load off my shoulders. We also worked together about my beliefs about myself, which gave me confidence to move forward.


I am so grateful I met Madhura and was able to get clear on what I need to do every day to reach those goals. Thank you so much!!!!!"

The Primary Elements, Toronto Ontario


"Before I started working with Madhura, I had difficulty planning out how to complete a large volume of difficult tasks, and staying motivated to complete them. Indeed, I found the whole process stressful and anxiety causing.


Now, since working with her, I have developed new skills that have increased my emotional IQ and confidence, thereby allowing me to identify issues and problem-solve in real time so that I can stay focused and motivated to complete my tasks with less angst."

Lawyer, Boston, Massachusetts

Alexandra May

"When Madhura gently approached me about the possibility of coaching, I have to admit to more than a little hesitancy on my part. I was not in a fiscal position to take on a new expense, especially one that felt a little 'touchy-feely', but my business was in dire straits and I was willing to try literally anything to save it.


I'm glad that I tried this, because Madhura helped me to see that a lot of my issues were not with the business itself, but with my own mindset around it, and with my relationship to, and ideas about, money; "Well, we're in the middle of a recession, so every organization is struggling", "Well, no one really makes money in the first three years of opening a business anyways", "Well, maybe this business idea wasn't that good in the first place"... excuses and negativity were running the conversation and taking over my life.


It's true, I still struggle with that voice some days, but the impact that Madhura had on helping me hear and address it has been huge. 


It really helped to have someone in my corner, who believed as much as I did in what I what I was trying to accomplish. She was present, accessible, genuine, and offered some really interesting and different advice about strategies and solutions, many of which I have put in place and have seen returns on. I went from being three months away from bankruptcy to planning an expansion in the course of about half a year.


I really do recommend meeting up with Madhura, seeing if you jive (you probably will, she's awesome) and making some plans to help her help you."

Cindy Sanche

"I had been in a real low spot as far as having time to dedicate to my business (my passion) and working at my 'day job' to pay the bills until I could do my business full time.

I hadn't tried anything before other than  being frustrated and racking my brain on what I could do next to make this happen. I needed direction and needed someone with a non biased point of view. I don;t have a huge support team on my desire to be a full time entrepreneur except from my husband - so I needed to talk with someone. I put a call out on social media for a life coach and Madhura was recommended by a friend of mine!

I worried right away that I couldn't possibly afford many sessions until I started making more money in my business to justify it - but Madhura worked with me within the budget I had and that was a huge relief. I needed guidance of some kind but couldn't afford a big expense for this luxury.

It was so nice to have the sessions with Madhura and build my confidence back up again.  She made me see things I never would have thought of and gave me great exercises that I could apply directly to my business. I enjoyed being able to tell someone how I was feeling and have someone actually appreciate that being a full time entrepreneur WAS a reality that was completely possible and not just a pipe dream.

I felt we had a really great rapport and similar sense of humour so it was very relaxing and not stressful at all. We live three hours apart so we enjoyed phone calls and skype sessions; it worked great.

I'd recommend taking Madhura up on her ideas and guidance because she really can pull things out of you that help move you in the direction you want to go. There was a huge learning curve about myself and my thought process that was really hindering my ability to succeed.

I am now signing up for a course with Madhura and can't wait to put my newfound skills into play! Great job Madhura and I am so appreciative of your insight."

Master Chocolatier & Owner of Choc'o wrap, Edmonton, Alberta

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