Calgary, AB, Canada

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Live Workshops

Good work with the workshop this weekend. 


I was engaged throughout. 


I'm not good at meditation yet though it will come the more I do. 


I am doing more journaling though and I generally try to keep it more positive, I learned somewhere that negative dwelling in journaling is generally not good for people to get out of a rough patch. 


So have been reflecting more. 


Your talk had multiple key messages and some guidance to how to achieve your goals. 


Your learning and dedication to these positive livings really shows. Good for you. 


I would be pleased to read your book. 

Robbie Wong

Calgary, Alberta

Prior to attending this workshop, I was unsure and lost.

I have been through many coaches before that's why I was skeptical about any type of workshop. I felt a lost of hope and wanting to quit, because life can approach in different circumstances and it can really boggle you down. But I attended the workshop anyways in spite of what to expect.


I like how Madhura presented and taught the workshop, it was straight to the point, simple and easy to understand and implement to action.

It made me realize that it is not just motivation and inspiration that we need whenever we fall back or get stuck, it is the bad habit that we created and continuously keep doing to makes us feel comfortable in our own bubble. So Madhura taught me how to set goals and change my mindset and to improve my self beliefs and self embodiment which was the core foundation of this work.


The workshop was valuable and awesome, it provided me with positive insight that will help me build my inner self strength and move forward with gratitude and courage 

Alan Chok

Calgary, Alberta

Madhura is a great speaker and presenter. I attended the “Set your Success on Fire” session with her. It was a 3-hour session that provided me all the tools I need to set my goals, stay on track and stay motivated. I really enjoyed the discussions we had. The workshop was very well designed with just enough amount of information to get you started and not be overwhelmed. Leaving the workshop, I felt so motivated and spent the next couple days figuring out my goals and setting timelines. 

Thanks you Madhura


Sunny Lamba

Calgary, Alberta

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