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February 28, 2019

June 9, 2017

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June 9, 2017

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Has busy work taken over your life?

March 20, 2019



Imagine this:


“ You wake up and have your coffee. You think to yourself today is going to be an amazing day! I have everything ready to knock off my to do list today.  You have a lovely breakfast and the sun is shining. You feel amazing. You go shower and get ready. You finally sit down at your desk and start getting things done.


Before long, you get a phone call, something small and insignificant falls on your shoulders that “seems” to need your attention so your the task you are currently working on gets set aside. You go and deal with it and come back to your desk to get back to the task you were working on and you have now lost your flow. It takes you a few minutes to get back into it and you start to really get back into the flow and “DING” and email pops up in your inbox.


You take a look. Another thing that requires your immediate attention and bang the task at hand gets set aside again.


As the day goes further along, every time you try to get your tasks done your attention is needed elsewhere.


The end of the day is here and finally you sit down and see that you haven’t even scraped the surface of your to do list!


You are tired and head home.  You promise yourself that tomorrow will be different.


Unfortunately for you, tomorrow ends up being a repeat of what today was and so does the rest of the week.


The week ends up being totally unproductive and Busy work has taken over your life!”


Does this story sound familiar?


This is a story many if not all my clients have struggled with at some point or another. Heck I have struggled with this situation more times than I would like to admit.


However, I have helped each and everyone of them find a ensure that their Busy work doesn’t take over their lives.


That they are in fact able to have productive weeks and limit the amount of busy work they deal with on a day to day basis.


How would minimizing busy work change how productive you are on a daily basis?


How would it impact how much you accomplish on a weekly basis.

Would you be able to reach your goals at a faster rate which in turn allow you to create the life you have always wanted?


What if your daily story looked like this instead:


“ You wake up in the morning and you are super excited to get your day started. Yesterday you knocked out 3 major tasks that are setting you up for a super productive month and the month as only started!  You get ready and get to your desk and you are able to finish 2 other tasks before noon. Your emails are all taken care of and at the end of the day you leave feeling like a million bucks.


You meet your family and a few friends for dinner and drinks after work and they comment on how different you seem lately. How stress free you seem, and you say ya, I have finally found a way to get what I need to get done without being distracted every 10 minutes. “


How does that story make you feel compared to the other story ?


So if you are looking to create that second story in your life like all of my clients have done, come check out my new program : “ Create Your Legendary Life ™”  where together we will create a life where your BUSY work will stop running your life and help you to create the legendary life you deserve.


2019 is your year let’s make it a great one together.


Go to www.igniteyourinnerpotential.ca to find out more or book a 15 minute chat with me at: https://calendly.com/createyourlgendarylife/igniteyoursucessin2019


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